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We offer extra high quality videos for small businesses and individuals. Pricing varies. Please inquire.

What better way to get that message out there than a well put together and impactful video?

We listen to your ideas, your message, your story, and bring it to the video media universe. And a vast universe it is. Marketing videos, Product videos, Interview videos, Corporate videos, Testimonial videos, Training Videos, Social Media videos, Recruitment videos, Event videos, Music videos, ad infinitum.

Our affordable prices, advanced Content Formatting based on proven marketing strategies, and passion for producing high quality videos ensures your project will receive fantastic service from the idea stage through to the final video, and a final video that will convey your message and captivate your target audience.

The Buyer Conversion Stats

Did you know survey statistics show that using a video on landing pages can and does increase visitor-to-buyer conversion by 80%.

Google loves video. A video can help your SEO and your exposure, and therefore reach more people. The average time an individual spends on a webpage is less than eight seconds. People prefer video over the written word on a web page. Visitors quickly leave your website after viewing a single line on a single page, and that results in a lower Google ranking, not to mention they probably won’t be back to purchase a product. A video is the easiest way to make people stay on your site longer, and convert them to real buyers!


Purely GRAPHICS videos, we call them "Graphics-based Videos."

What's a "Graphics-based Video?"

You might think of these as a Presentations or Slideshows made into a motion video, where the main visual is a combination of text, still photos and graphic elements communicating the message, and not necessarily any live person/place/thing moving constituting standard "motion footage." 

They make for awesome "Explainer Videos," product videos, narrated presentations, etc., etc. There are SO many variations, that's it's hard to describe just how wide a spectrum they cover, and their many uses. Point is that these are truly great videos that don't necessarily contain live motion footage, or live moving subject, and indeed, perhaps no photos of real world at all, yet they typically have great success!

Please don't misunderstand, there can indeed be a lot of MOVEMENT within this type of video. Transitions and zooms, etc., etc. these can be quite lively! We're just not holding a camera to capture live footage in the strict sense.

These punchy, dynamic and energetic videos can be done with Graphic Elements alone, captivating the audience equally if not a LOT more so than some boring talking-head video.

We call these Graphics-based videos, and we have made them very affordable to our clients, starting from:


Contact us today for a demo of these great video resources.

Anything can be Modeled in 3D! - Products / Cars / Etc.

Did you know most product commercials are modeled in 3D and then composited into a shot you would believe the product is right there filmed with a camera? You think it's a real product? Nope, it's a 3D model, textured and rendered and placed in the shot for that commercial.
And this includes many car commercials by the big manufacturers, and endless others. They just slap the latest car model render around a motion-capture rig, and drive along. Movie magic!

How about Animated Logos?

You go to the cinema and see all the beautiful Production Company logos with dramatic music and fading lights, etc.

We've done many.

How about a 3D Virtual Tour of a House, Building, etc.?

Same thing here... We model the house in 3D, and then we can paint it any color, place any furniture inside it, illuminate it with sunlight or night lights, then capture than from any camera angle that would be expensive or impossible to photograph or video, or even have the camera move around in and out of places the solid walls would otherwise be impossible to penetrate!

The magic world of 3D is here, and we can bring it to your project!

How about Charts and Diagrams?

We've done many of these too. Instead of sketching something quick and dirty on a whiteboard behind the speaker of narrator, why not work up some nice shiny 3D elements to illustrate your message concepts?

The Uses Never End

What's your project? We wager you could benefit from a well modeled 3D video that really depicts your concept with 3D eye candy! 

Although this service is kind of behind-the-scenes and not a forerunner, still, it plays an important part and worth mention here.

Video cameras have many settings that can be adjusted for better quality and usability for a given purpose, and cell phones users are often unaware of their camera settings and its very low frame rate (15fps) if not set properly. Thus if usable at all, it may need conversion.

Perfect Example:

We were commissioned for a project for 30 videos in a series. The client had an amateur photographer colleague shoot the interviews as a favor. Ok fine, no problem.

We gave our recommendations. However, when we were finally given the footage, it was in but ONE LONG FILE of many many Gigabytes (unnecessarily large), too high a frame rate (120fps), very poor lighting, almost unusable sound quality, and did not follow any Script or logical format of any kind. Pity too.

We had to spend many wasted hours just getting the massive file sent over, then do a series of video format conversions to even begin working with the material. Only then could we begin to slice it into usable Clips for real video editing. And of course it cost the client a LOT more for the project as a result.

Lesson learned.

This example serves as good recommendation for all our services including the video shooting. Had the client followed our recommendations, he would have saved a lot of money on the project, and greatly speeded the delivery of the final videos for his already overdue campaign.

Please feel free to contact us before you have an amateur video guy cost you time and money on your project. We’ll gladly save you that time and money.

We get your unique message on video and/or photo.

Live Subject:

Videography (Video Production) means capturing your live visual footage (the main material viewers see) on video. (For film movies, you would use cinematography.) Examples include video’ing:

  • a salesperson explaining his product/service or software, etc.,
  • walking around showing a house that’s for sale,
  • perhaps an interview with one or more people,
  • people giving their testimonial and/or Review,
  • live event,
  • etc., etc., ad infinitum.

These are just a few of the types of live subject video material that can be done, and gives you a few idea on how you might approach imparting your message to your audience.

Still Photography:

Still photography differs from videography for the purpose of a video, but can be equally powerful in any presentation, such as a stand-alone product, angles of the house/property for sale, head-shot of a person, etc., etc.

We use still shots a lot, because the advantage is that you can place Narration and/or Annotations over a still shot and gain both the visual AND just any message you want to have that same still shot convey. The same picture really can say a thousand DIFFERENT words!

Some of our best videos actually don’t have much if any running motion footage of live action subject, but are instead a collection of still shots with Narration and Annotations. And these have had just as much if not more impact on buyers, and indeed plenty of sales regardless.

So contact us and we’ll send out the crew and get the footage and still shots you need.

Editing as an Art Form:

Editing is an art form just much as any art. It’s the “invisible art.” It can and does make or break a video. Ever seen a movie with crappy, jolting jump shots, or monotonous slow shots held on the actor/scene for WAY too long? That's what we're talking about here.

An editor takes raw footage, selects shots, and combines them into logical sequences according to a well-written Script to create a finished video.

However, with video editing we don’t merely dispassionately put Clips together in the hopes of a not-so-ragged final video, or worse, regurgitate low-res YouTube car-crash videos and slap some non-sequitur music over the top with some silly online editor made for Elementary/Middle school kids.
Ugly and unprofessional.

In the contrary, we creatively work with the spirit of the original well-written Script, layers of footage and images, the mood of the story, the keywords of the narration, the interaction of the speaker’s dialogue, the arrangement and cadence of the music, the pacing, the placement and flow of the graphic elements, the nuances of special effects and ALL the key principles of marketing to effectively craft all components into a cohesive whole video that has continuity, conveys the message and inspires buyer confidence.

The final video has mood, pace, inspiration, marketing message, impact, and is memorable. THAT’S a video.

Color Grading

In a nutshell, here is where we correct the EXPOSURE, the WHITE BALANCE, and SATURATION of the individual shots and the entire scene, so they POP!. But of course there's so much more to it. Color grading is the process of artistically and logically enhancing the appearance of a shot. A given shot may require correction to contrast, color, saturation, detail sharpening, black level, and white point, and more. Perhaps we need to color match other shots in a scene, or compensate for variations in the lighting conditions, or compensate for the intended viewing environment (dark, dim, bright surrounds).

Beyond basic color correction, there's STYLE. Or "stylizing." Often LUTs (Look Up Tables) are used to add STYLE to a shot and scene to give it a certain "look," feel or artistic appearance. This enhances and/or alters the mood of a shot and scene—the visual equivalent to the musical score of a film. Ever see sci-fi scenes with lots of blue light covering everything?

Music Track creates the Mood - Makes the Video

Ever watch these news casters come on with their live feed of the latest "shocking" bad news---with no other music or sounds? Feels incomplete. Dry. Lifeless. 2 dimensional. No mood. Just insensate calamity.

Now compare that to the epic music that plays behind the victorious hero who fights the grand battle and then lays waste to the evil villain and rescues the damsel in distress, and the audience cheers and girls cry tears of joy. Or perhaps a decent horror film where there’s nice scary dissonant music while camera simply rolls down the hallway anticipating what’s about to pop out around the next corner and scare the pants off the already petrified audience.

That’s all the difference in the world. And the music track does that.

Music for film and video (any audio/visual presentation) is an art as much as any other. Although we don’t offer film industry level music scoring---music composition and arranging custom for film, TV, etc.,---we do however come with that background experience, and artistically we know what goes into it.

We can take a given music piece (generally instrumental without vocals), made up of various sections and hooks---intro, verse, chorus, bridge, breakdown, etc., and edit it such that it’s seamless and plays along the video as if it was written custom for and played for that video it’s featured in.

Length is not a barrier either; Even a short musical loop of a minute or so can be edited and strategically lengthened, then laid over a video of over 5 full minutes, and never feel repetitive. Or vice versa, where a melodic piece of music of over 5 minutes can be strategically edited down, and laid over a video of under a minute, and never feel truncated.

Indeed, the Music Track deserves an entire section of description all for itself. But just know that to slap some non-sequitur music over the top of your video means video death-by-music.

SoundFX ("Sound Design")

Yet another essential component to overall Video Editing is SoundFX, or "Sound Design."  It's the art of adding sounds to enhance the message of the shot and/or the mood of a scene. Sounds can be used for a variety of effects. We use a lot of "wild track" such as city noise, traffic noise, crowd noise, applause, crickets and night sounds, etc., etc. SoundFX could be simple foley sounds such as foot steps on wood floor, or water dripping, or doors opening/closing, etc., OR just about any sound you can imagine to enhance the shot/scene. We did a great video recently utilizing many sci-fi sounds to add LIFE to the otherwise lifeless music track. Came out great.

Over 35 Years of World-Class Graphics:

We come with over 35 years of world-class graphic design in over 2000 major successful campaigns, and we’re not afraid to use that expertise on your video! Graphics and graphic elements can be used in limitless ways to far better SHOW and convey your message.

The imagination is the only limit to visual storytelling and visual communication.

Added Value!

We offer high-end custom graphics for your video project, and guaranty it will greatly add to the quality and appeal of your video, and your video being better understood by its audience, no matter its subject.

What are Video Graphic Elements? And Why?

At the top of the list of dead-on-arrival lifeless types of "videos," we have the "Video Sales Letter." This is typically a dry text-only presentation lacking any visual imagination, with nothing but ugly text on a white background. And people boast that THIS is the key to their revenue. We disagree.

A little higher on the video food-chain, we have the ultra boring "Talking Head" interview. The videographer stands up a common cellphone camera on a stationary tripod, the head talks, and the videographer collects his paycheck. Not exactly inspiring, or visually captivating. 

We live by the old film saying: "Show, don't tell." Show it! And show it well. People want to SEE what you're talking about, and the more you can VISUALLY depict your subject, the more you inspire buyers into action and increase revenue.

Well you’re in luck; In truth, this is where we shine, and can offer your video project a great deal more VISUAL ENHANCEMENT than ordinary otherwise uninspiring video presentations.

Show the subject matter:

Example: A watch salesman gets up and tells you there’s a beautiful watch for sale here, BUT SHOWS YOU NOTHING visually. You would feel there’s something missing, obviously. "Can we see any watches?" we ask in bewilderment.

Whereas, the nice big well-lit colorful photo SHOWING the watch all shiny and sexy with bold face and glittering hands, on the wrist of some muscular movie star, etc., LOOKS as it should. You think to yourself  “Oh that's a nice watch. I can SEE how nice that is. Wow, I WANT one!”

See? You expect the video presentation to SHOW YOU the subject matter and convey the message visually, so you can SEE the concepts with your own eyes. Indeed today’s audience have come to expect a quality VISUAL experience to accompany any spoken word and/or typed text. If not, one could hardly call it a video at all!!

Seems a simple thing one would take for granted, but look at all the crappy videos out there...

Add Annotations / Diagrams / Charts / Graphs / Etc.:

Added to any video there can be an infinite number of possible visual aids that help convey the message. An example might be if the main shot is of a product such as skin cream to rejuvenate and protect the skin… Well the graphic element might show a nice illustration of the skin and the healing properties of the cream penetrating deep into the skin. You SEE it?


In video, a cutaway shot is the brief display of another shot followed by the return to the original first shot. It is typically related information and used to help convey the further detail of the main subject action.

An example might be of a product such as toothpaste to whiten your teeth, where the main shot is of a pretty girl brushing at the bathroom sink. Well the “cutaway” shot might show a nice graphic ultra closeup shot of the plaque and tartar coming off as the brush does its work on the teeth, and then cut back the pretty girl with big smile showing perfect white teeth. Sparkle! Sparkle! Not original, but quite effective. Examples are infinite.

But the virtue is that the result is a better commentary to the original scene, and viewers understand your message better because they can SEE it with their own eyes.


Keep it Natural, keep it UP!

One would presume it's easy to speak into a microphone and tell a story or description of company/product/service, right? Not necessarily. For some sure.

But if you're one of those who is a little microphone shy, then let us help. You don't have to settle for dry, droopy, lifeless narration, or obnoxious shallow hype from condescending know-it-all charlatans selling their latest fake Memory Foam mattress scam or Indian swamp root oil sham! People can see right thru those, and it actually turns business away faster than you can imagine. 

Videos should be NATURAL, UP, COMPELLING, INVITING AND CONVINCING, as well as well-written, informative, and truly answer buyer-requested inquiries. Buyers are VERY savvy these days, and they want to be motivated and inspired to confidence, as well as thoroughly informed. Even “entertained!”

It's called “elocution” and “expression.” Elocution means the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. Expressive means oral delivery of a certain ATTITUDE, conveying a thought, intention, a message, an emotion, etc., in an effective or vivid manner.

Inspire Confidence:

It's all about confidence. Buyers must be CONVINCED WITH CONFIDENCE of your products and services, their value to them, and equally certain of your company as better than other competitors.

If you hire a mousy stodgy librarian to do a reading on Extreme Sports Event, you might be sorely disappointed in the outcome. Whereas, you hire an enthusiastic experienced pilot, and you get him talking for hours, and other eager pilots will gobble it up and listen for hours! You get the idea.

You don't need to be or hire an expensive professional actor for an affordable reading. But you should know the difference, and imagine how your target public will receive your message, given the right Narration talent.