Promo is Expensive; But is the Cost of Good Graphics or a Good Video Worth the money?

We firmly believe that you should get the most value for your money.

Just in the video design industry alone, clients often express apprehension to costs as their first concern to embarking on a project. Of course usual costs of doing business at all does not allow extravagant/wasteful expenditure to anything. So smart business owners and marketing executives choose carefully where their promotional dollars go, and keep a watchful eye as to the effectiveness... as they well should. But the question becomes...

The Lost Returns / The Greater Loss

"What will I get back?" This is the question we ask before we part with any already scarce money.

They say

"'s not the money you lose, but the money you don't make, that is always the greater loss."


"you only have one chance to make a first impression."

Graphics make or break any marketing campaign, and indeed any company. Crappy promo means crappy first impression of buyers and less attraction to your brand, your products/services, your whole business. Thus less revenue.
Better quality graphics in promo means more revenue. It really is that simple.

Keeping these in mind, we try to demonstrate to these budget conscious decision makers, that a poor company image, poor-looking video presentations or a poor promotional campaign LOSES you more money than simply not advertising at all. Your clients/customers will often visit your website as much as 7 times and see your videos multiple times on YouTube long before they call to purchase products or services. That's a fact in today's Internet-savvy buying climate.

So imagine what the prospect sees and thinks when they see YOUR promo. Would YOU buy from these people?

10x Returns! Clients realize approx. 10 times their Investment in Our Services

We here at Endless Graphics have a very respectable track record for making our clients money by increased professional image campaign-wide, which increases leads and overall business, which increases return revenue.

On average, our clients realize more than approx. 10 times their investment in our services! Really.

Visit our Portfolio page for examples of actual clients realizing great return on their investments in well-thought out promotional materials and innovative video presentations.