We feel Word-of-mouth referrals should be compensated.

Know anyone who could use our help?
We want to show our appreciation.

Referral Partner

  • Earn 10% Commission of the revenue collected as received (or as arranged).
  • Refer new clients directly to us.
  • We will work with client directly (start to finish, incl. Content, etc.).


  • Earn unlimited revenue using us as your resource.
  • We work directly for you, the Reseller (only).
  • You pay only our cost.
  • Resell our services and add any markup you desire.
  • Discounted prices as arranged (please inquire).
  • Reseller pays us (not the end client).

Strategic Partner

(Strategic Alliance / Bundle Partner)

  • We work together to offer Clients more than they could get separately.
  • Ideal for discounted repetitive volume quantity, pre-set content/layouts, and specialized marketing applications.
  • Discounted prices as arranged (please inquire).
  • You pay only our cost (cost as arranged to Partner) – Partner resells bundled package (with any markup).
  • We work directly for the client, or directly for the Partner (as arranged).
  • We are paid by Client or Partner (as arranged).



Referral Programs FAQ

  1. How do I refer a client to Endless Graphics?
    Simply call us, or visit our Contact page and use the handy form to let us know who might be interested in our services. You may also give your referral our number or the link to our Contact page (www.EndlessGraphics.com/contact), and we’ll contact them right away.

  2. When do I receive my referral commission?
    Immediately upon our collecting the new client’s payment*.

  3. *How much do I earn on a referral?
    You generally earn a 10% commission on the total amount of the project. However, project structures vary, both in terms of payment arrangement, and project cost and profit margin. Therefore we simply calculate the appropriate commission percentage for the given project, and pay that commission from the payment that is collected when the new client registers for their project or each sub-phase therein. This could be first phase payment and then second phase payment, or this could be first deposit money collected on a package requiring a deposit to start. We do not pay commissions on smaller monthly or recurring payments for projects structured in this way.

  4. How do I receive my referral commission payment?
    As you prefer. We can use any payment resource you might have such as PayPal or other online merchant account payment page, or pay in cash or issue check sent via snail-mail. Just let us know in advance if you have a preference.

  5. How are referred clients tracked?
    Easy for you, the referrer, no complicated codes or affiliate links are necessary. We simply always ask and make record of whom the referral came from. Also, when a new client registers for a new project, a standard information for is filled out providing us with essential information for the account, the project, and from whom the client was referred. Once a new project deposit is paid, our accounting then immediately pays out the appropriate referral commission.

  6. Does the price vary for Referral/Reseller? Can I mark up your prices?
    Yes, as arranged. You can refer to us, or resell us. And yes, you can mark up our prices, as referral or reseller. Although we charge standardized prices ("retail") to be fair and ethical, and pay all referral commissions based on prices actually charged and received, prices may be discounted based on our referral/marketing working relationship. However, because of established procedures and obvious legal liability (and other points covered in our Terms & Conditions), we work directly for the client or directly for you (referral/reseller) and is covered in detailed contract for that project and/or overall working relationship.