Are current events for REAL?? It’s a whole new world really.

Technology moves entirely too fast. White Pages and Yellow Pages are obsolete long ago. I knew we were heading “digital,” but this year or so took this to a whole new level that most of us never predicted.

Stats don’t lie (if researched correctly). Everything is searched, found and assimilated with your “hand-held device” or “surface device”.

So why are we pushing video, and why is it so important---more so than ever?

Because that’s how society connects and interrelates, more and more. And people aren’t reading the written word nearly as much as VIDEO format.

Why write a text when you can speak an audio message, or better yet, snap out a “selfie” message? So much more convenient, isn’t it?

Business and advertising are no different. What’s the best way to engage digitally? You guessed it, a VIDEO!

Video is more interesting, more attention-grabbing, more visually captivating, more communicative, more engaging, more educational, more memorable, more documentable, more impressionable, more compelling, and ultimately more consumer and revenue building. Ask yourself the same question; which would you prefer? Video, of course. Me too.

We each are truly expecting to see a video to tell us about the subject, a person, a company, an activity, etc. It’s the visual, the sound/audio, the narration, the music, the people, the graphics; It all adds to a better quality communication of your concept, regardless. A better answer to any question. And this trend is affecting global interaction, not limited to your business.

So yes, video is more important than ever!

We’re pushing video as the branding vehicle, the media of business communication, and the very essence of any comprehensive and contemporary promotional campaign. That goes for businesses large and small, including individual business owners.

In fact, here at Endless, we tell everyone to build an entire full CHANNEL with at least 20 videos. The types of videos that can be done are many. Telling your businesses story, product demonstrations, product or service benefits or solutions, interesting achievements or testimonials, etc., etc. And all are a good idea, if not essential to any and all business.

Yes, the medium of video is simple amazing. It’s today’s communication and marketing.

Perhaps in coming years it will be 3D holographic or even telepathy-on-demand. Can’t say. But today, video tells about your business, what you offer, and why people should buy from you.

Still have a little backoff? Sure, it costs. But you’ll thank yourself for the revenue you get in return.

Where to start? That’s where we come in. We make it EASY and walk you thru every step of the way. This is what we do, and for a long time.

We also offer a Content interview and script writing to help you fill in the gap of what needs to be said. We ask, you answer. Then we’ll put the finished video together with all the materials in hand.

So………. a video. When do we start?

PS. Please take a few moments for a short survey about your interest or questions, and preferred pricing options.

We have several Divisions now, and this is the Division where we create custom graphics, professional promotional materials and marketing communications, unique company identity branding and integrated marketing campaigns, impactful videos of all kinds, intuitive presentations, dazzling graphic elements for all uses, and beauteous websites. Doesn't everybody need these?

Our experienced team has the technical knowledge and artistic skill to create original, fully integrated marketing solutions that address your most demanding project needs. What's your unique project?

Founded in 1994, we have been a reliable resource to an impressively long clients list, in a very wide range of industries.

Our team of skilled and talented artists/designers are dedicated to delivering the highest quality creativity that fully addresses our clients' objectives, meets and exceed expectations and delivers real proven results.

Whether your needs call for a simple project or world-class creativity, we can help. We understand your company's specific objectives and offer design strategies, ideas, concepts and effective artistic solutions for your project goals.

What's your campaign?

CEO / Creative Director

Advanced creative designer, Christian Peritore combines world-class graphic design, with video audio/visual media and music, then annunciates it the world via innovative video marketing, making companies' and individuals' projects/promo campaigns highly effective, and making them steady yearly online income in the millions.

In the relatively short history of the Internet, Christian Peritore has successfully designed and developed well over 2000 major design projects, specializing in integrated campaign design and corporate branding, and impactful video presentations.

Perfectly suited to advanced marketing, Christian comes with a healthy tech background, unique talent, superior design skills, a vast background in music and audio/visual, a strong foundation in marketing basics and has specialized Internet marketing.

His key skills include creative direction, marketing, graphic design, video design, video editing, website design, web interface design, logo design and corporate identity, technical illustration, 3D modeling and 3D animation, and lots more.

Utilizing design styles from genres including film, music, entertainment and corporate, Christian has set the standard for high-end design versatility and has consistently ranked in the top 15% of online Designers.

Christian has collaborated with many world-class designers and has apprenticed many aspirants as well.

Proficient in computers since 1985, Christian established and headed up Earthlink's Tier II Technical Support Team in the mid 90's; servicing VIPs and supervising Support for technology, including Dial-Up, ISDN, DSL, Satellite, LAN and Frame Relay.

Clientele have included: Kurzweil Music Systems, Comfort Keepers, Unicity, Earthlink, IP Dynamics, Jantaq Inc., Boones Animals for Hollywood, Sunrise Aviation, Miss Burbank Beauty Pageant, California Theatrical Youth Ballet Co., Ronco Products, Gerard Roofing Technologies, Software Shelf International, Terracal Construction Co., Zen Engineering, and many many more.

Christian's creative design and video development services have consistently proven to be a high return investment for companies seeking to expand their market presence and maximize their income and profitability.

Christian is also a Private Pilot for General Aviation, and musician composer and performing drummer for over 40 years.

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VP Marketing / Sales

Taina comes with vast and specialized training in Sales, Marketing and PR. She can sell really well because she listens to clients whole story and discovers what they REALLY need to boost revenue. She's also put on several large, successful events and raised incredible funds over the years.

Good old-fashioned traditional promotion and marketing is essential for everyone. She can guide you through every step. Contemporary methods such as today's Internet marketing (including Email campaigns, Facebook, etc.) is also essential in today's marketing.

Thinking Out of the Box

However, beyond mere sales and marketing skill, Taina has the unique ability to get deep into people's worlds and find opportunities where no one else would even think to look. Taina's innovative entrepreneurial mindset and out-of-box approach consistently reveals new ideas, symiotic working relationships and helps businesses promote, expand and make money, in ways nobody thought of.

Which brings great pride as well as win-win profits.

Thanks to Taina's warm Customer Service care, our clients remain with us for years on end, and are thriving and expanding despite a tough or collapsed economy.


Another unique characteristic of Taina's many, is connecting people and businesses to each other for mutual benefit. Don't hesitate to ask if she can connect you to a strategic alliance that you need. She is a wealth of connections to literally thousands of people.

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20+ Important Reasons to choose Endless Graphics

Let's pose a few questions:

  1. The Endless Theorem
    Is it impossible or too much to expect to find a reliable design firm that creatively combined Advance Contemporary marketing, with good content and Script writing, with good Videography and still photography, with world-class Graphics, with seamless Music Tracks, with unique SEO placement and wide social exposure?
    Too good to be true?
    What if it was run by real marketing experts, real Content writers/editors and Script writers, real graphics artists and creative directors, real musicians, real SEO experts, real Social Network experts?
    Still too good to be true?
    Not really.

  2. In Depth Requirements Interview and Discovery
    You can pay anyone for your project and hope and pray for the results YOU have in mind, but will they take the time to interview you with a FREE Marketing Questionnaire to discover your specific requirements and high hopes for the outcome of the project?

  3. Detailed Written Contract
    Multimillion dollar deals are abbreviated on a napkin with just a handshake. But is that enough? Does that nail down and remove the vague unknowns for what you need and what the designer is intending to give you? Does that account for the inevitable unpredictable things and what if's? Shouldn't you get the details fully spelled out in a properly written contract?

  4. Vast Portfolio
    Any charlatan can show you a few designs that he didn't do in the first place and call it a "portfolio," but does he come with the honesty and the experience of almost 40 years and 2000+ projects with successful results in strategic design savvy that's based on time-proven marketing methods?

  5. Impactful Videos / Video Presentations
    Any noob with hundreds of free video software can slap together what they call "video." But is it specifically designed for your target audience? Does it really motivate your audience with known Call-to-Action components? Does it memorably convey your intended message? Does it follow good research and survey tabulation or target audience, have a bright basic message concept, follow a logical and captivating format to enlighten people, have a well-written script, include clear intelligible narration, display memorable footage and visually clear shots, bring up the "Wow!" with intuitive/dazzling/world-class graphics and graphic elements that illustrate the finer details, roll with a catchy appropriate and seamless music track, tell a story with smooth well-paced artistic video editing? And can he put that video in an effective SEO Placement campaign for high exposure?

  6. Part A; The "Ooh-Factor"
    We survey our work BEFORE we demo the client. That tells us if we're on the right track. Then the client. It's funny, but we always present our designs to the client for demo with the client on the phone (if not in person), to get their initial reaction. Typically clients express an initial "Ooh, nice! Very nice." We call that the "Ooh-factor." And we live for that. It's not that we're fishing for compliments, or that we need to be stroked for our accomplishments. And then we keep tabs on how the project performs for the client. Only then can we measure success.

    Part B; 4 People to Please
    We have 4 people to please with any project: Once WE'RE satisfied of the adequate quality, we want to please YOU the client, then (of equal or greater importance really) your BUYERS (your target audience for you message), and then of course the project requirements (ie. SEO requirements, or a video that actually conveys the intended message, or hits the surveyed hot buttons for that target audience, or Call-to-Action that people will actually respond to, correct duration time, YouTube requirements, etc., etc., etc.).
    Wouldn't you agree, that if YOU the client are pleased, but YOUR BUYERS are not, or there's some other issue, that it defeats the purpose?

  7. Strategic Design and Knowing what constitutes actual "Good Design"
    Any cretin with Photoshop or Gimp or even Windows Paint can "design" a logo, and call it whatever, but is that really well thought out "Corporate Identity." Or did he just copy some clip art for you? That same cretin can "design" a whole pile of disjointed promo and call it whatever, but is that really an "Integrated Mktg/Promo Campaign?" Does he understand art basics, color theory, or how design should follow adequate and tabulated survey results (if at all possible)?

  8. Workable Established Procedures / Standard Project Approach
    Clients all too often don't have any or sufficient or final or Optimized Content materials, and that's understandable. But at the same time, how can any designer create around missing Content? Especially for a video project for example, wouldn't it be logical to gather the Content materials first, then Plan things out, then get to work on Design? We would think so. Or would you settle for "Coming soon" or "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" as placeholders on all your promo? Further, do you think it's fair to ask us to see "in-progress" half-done designs, or blame us for project delays, if you the client still haven't provided all Content materials? 

  9. Collaboration and Agility/Flexibility in Design Results
    Any designer can work up designs and charge more when you don't like them or need corrections, but is that good business? No, it's not always feasible to show design work in its earliest stages of progress. Can't necessarily see the final vision. But once a project concept or demonstrable version is submitted, should you be able to request some changes without more and more unfair charges?

  10. Admirable Characteristics
    What do you look for in a graphic design team and a confident working relationship? Probably someone who won't take 5 months for a simple project, or just run off with your money, right? How about long-term client relationships and stability? How about written, signed contracts detailing the project scope? What about competitive and affordable pricing? What about having well organized established procedures that actually get things done. That you can monitor from anywhere? How about the patience to walk the client thru every step, and answer the dumbest questions along the way? And what about actually taking the care to ensure client satisfaction? Aren't all those important too?

  11. Genius Qualities
    Well what about the many other characteristics that make for as good working relationship an innovative partner in collaboration?
    Awareness of current trends. Good research of target audience. Familiarity with target audience culture and buying habits. Honesty and fairness in business. Prompt completion of tasks. Cooperation and staying in close touch throughout the project. Drive and dedication to see a project thru. Courage to face new challenges of clients and projects and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Devotion to project goals and optimum results. Knowledge, experience and real-world savvy. Willingness to hear and respect the client's input and suggestions, or even criticism. Willingness to change and take chances. Continued curiosity and being ever inquisitive to the learning of new skills and techniques to offer the client. Optimism, being solution oriented and having enthusiasm for the job at at hand. Being energetic and taking initiative to push things forward. Having no fear of disapproval, but simply try and try again. Ability to see opportunities for the client. Being persuasive and motivating with conviction to the trade. Giving encouragement to all those involved in the project. Ability to communicate well, get ideas across and explain any aspect of the project. Being perceptive to the nuances of both the artistic work in progress, and the overall project. Having perfectionism, if not at least a constant strive to improve on the work being produced. Having idealism to see the bigger picture and the greater good. Having cultural awareness. Being mindful and having sensitivity to potentially offensive results. Having creativity and imagination above all else. Looking, observing and seeing things from different perspectives. The ability and childlike freedom to dream and fantasize.

  12. Versatility of Design Styles
    Isn't it great when you find a designer with a certain style you like? But doesn't it suck when that same designer can't step outside his little boundaries of routine design style, and falls flat when you need him to create in a different style? Then what, look for another designer all together? Lost time. Risk of poor result. No longevity of trust. Sucks. Wouldn't you agree that having versatility and a wide range of styles of design is a HUGE benefit? No, we're not cartoon artists or grunge, or graffiti. But are you that type of client anyway? Not likely. Versatility means flexibility, adaptability and the skillfulness of design basics to stretch those design creativity muscles, and conceive a composition that is DIFFERENT, yet still kicks ass and draws revenue for the YOU, the paying client.

  13. A Serious Sense of Humor
    Ah yes, the dog that bites the hand that feeds him, the the sexless marriage, the remarriage after divorce, the fire station that burns to the ground, a pilot's fear of heights, posting complaints about privacy on Facebook, McDonalds’ official health warning against eating McDonald’s burgers and fries, “Smartphones” we invented we find are smarter than us, and of course movie graphics that make us THINK we live in the "real world."
    But shouldn't we see humor in life's little ironies?

  14. Ensuring to Fulfill Client Expectations
    Most lazy designers will ignore the problem when the client wants the sun, moon and stars from their project of too little budget. And there's two sides to this dilemma always. But where is the fine line between the client's overly high expectations and the designer's quest for easy money and less work? When the project falls short, the client is disappointed and everyone loses confidence. Shouldn't the designer take the time to get the client's influences, perhaps examples of what they like, BEFORE the project design is started in earnest? Isn't a more REALISTIC assessment of expectations just good practice? 

  15. Meeting Deadlines and Overdue Project Client Communications
    The client wants it YESTERDAY, and ideally the project turn-around should always arrive within reasonable or even urgent time frame, right? But really it's the designer who must make that client's project his top priority and within the stated time deadline. We get a kick out of hearing previous designers taking months and months to fulfill a client project. Then why did the designer take on the project in the first place? If the project is taking longer than expected for whatever reason, then shouldn't the designer stay in touch with the client and keep him informed as to the status and estimated delivery date?

  16. Swift/Smooth Conflict Resolution
    We design and submit for client approval. Always. We make corrections as the client requests of us. Both parties in any dispute must try to be reasonable, naturally. But if the works are rejected for any reason, or if there are technical issues for another example, then we endeavor to rectify the issues swiftly and smoothly.

  17. Followup and Client Satisfaction
    After the project is done, we might ask for feedback such as "How did your project go?" "Were you satisfied with the results?" "Is the project pulling revenue as you hoped?" or the classic "On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us?" Etc. Wouldn't you?

  18. Longevity of Client Relationships
    Did you know our clients remain with us for years on end, and will call us out of the blue after years of the client's project being done. Don't you think that says a lot about any company, not just Endless Graphics?

  19. Cost Effective and Greater Returns on Promotional Investment
    And most importantly, will it be WORTH the money?
    Sure it costs to create promo and good videos. But is that apprehension to costs a valid concern?  It's not the money you lose, but the money you don't make, that is always the greater loss. We have a very respectable track record for making our clients money. On average, our clients realize more than approx. 10 times their investment in our services.
    Isn't that worth the money?

  20. Name Dropping
    If our hundreds of clientele have included: Kurzweil Music Systems, Comfort Keepers, Unicity, Earthlink, IP Dynamics, Jantaq Inc., Boones Animals for Hollywood, Sunrise Aviation, Miss Burbank Beauty Pageant, California Theatrical Youth Ballet Co., Ronco Products, Gerard Roofing Technologies, Software Shelf International, Terracal Construction Co., Zen Engineering and many more, shouldn't you?

  21. Bonus Point 2; Ownership / No Holding Hostage
    Prickly subject; You own what you pay for, right? And the ownership of the various components of any project should be clear, readily known and respected in any conflict, shouldn't they? Of course. The notorious villain in the story is typically the previous designer, the "Bad Guy" holding hostage the old video, Content materials or website. And Endless Graphics is the new Knight in white shining armor, the "Good Guy," come to the rescue the client in distress.
    But there's always two sides and always more to the story than simple black and white.
    Now, to be factual about most typical projects, the CLIENT OWNS his business name and his domain name, and the designer shouldn't register and own the client's names or domain name. It's a conflict of interest. AND the CLIENT OWNS the raw Content materials that he provided the designer with which to design the project. Naturally.
    Further, the CLIENT should buy and thus own his hosting account (for a website example), and the CLIENT should sign up for his own YouTube account (for a video example). Logical.
    We use Joomla website programming (as opposed to WordPress, etc.) and that's OPENSOURCE, owned by no one and everyone, NOT exclusively the client, or the designer. 
    And once the DESIGN work is fully paid for as agreed in the written contract, then of course the client then has full ownership of those designs, artwork, video, technical  works, etc.
    But it's still subject to the client's written approval. And if not approved, the client shouldn't have to pay for anything he didn't accept, but of course then waives his right to use those works for any purpose.
    (Granted, other conflicts/disputes may require other resolution.) 
    Wouldn't you agree that's fair and logical?

Promo is Expensive; But is the Cost of Good Graphics or a Good Video Worth the money?

We firmly believe that you should get the most value for your money.

Just in the video design industry alone, clients often express apprehension to costs as their first concern to embarking on a project. Of course usual costs of doing business at all does not allow extravagant/wasteful expenditure to anything. So smart business owners and marketing executives choose carefully where their promotional dollars go, and keep a watchful eye as to the effectiveness... as they well should. But the question becomes...

The Lost Returns / The Greater Loss

"What will I get back?" This is the question we ask before we part with any already scarce money.

They say

"'s not the money you lose, but the money you don't make, that is always the greater loss."


"you only have one chance to make a first impression."

Graphics make or break any marketing campaign, and indeed any company. Crappy promo means crappy first impression of buyers and less attraction to your brand, your products/services, your whole business. Thus less revenue.
Better quality graphics in promo means more revenue. It really is that simple.

Keeping these in mind, we try to demonstrate to these budget conscious decision makers, that a poor company image, poor-looking video presentations or a poor promotional campaign LOSES you more money than simply not advertising at all. Your clients/customers will often visit your website as much as 7 times and see your videos multiple times on YouTube long before they call to purchase products or services. That's a fact in today's Internet-savvy buying climate.

So imagine what the prospect sees and thinks when they see YOUR promo. Would YOU buy from these people?

10x Returns! Clients realize approx. 10 times their Investment in Our Services

We here at Endless Graphics have a very respectable track record for making our clients money by increased professional image campaign-wide, which increases leads and overall business, which increases return revenue.

On average, our clients realize more than approx. 10 times their investment in our services! Really.

Visit our Portfolio page for examples of actual clients realizing great return on their investments in well-thought out promotional materials and innovative video presentations.

"I was thinking; Perhaps I need more promotion. Better promotion. A better designer. But I don't think I can afford it just now."

Sound familiar? Yes, we all think this way.

But it's quite the contrary actually.

As a sort of a corollary to "hire a pro and let them get on with it"... 

Our Simple Philosophy is:

Hire a good designer and video team, and PROMOTE!
Always and endlessly.

Why? Because it makes you more money.

You might THINK there's not enough money for promo, a video or a decent designer to help you. Especially in these times of economic crisis, the tendency is to save every penny. And ironically the first thing to cut is seemingly "non-essential" promotion. Not good. Promotion is not necessarily expensive. And even if there is some cost, is it possible that if your project's quality and effectiveness is governed by the tightness of your low budget? Then perhaps shouldn't you rethink your budget?

And what's behind all that? The belief of insufficient budget comes from the idea that there's no money out there and too little money coming in. So you better save what little you have. Plus a profound doubt of any return revenue from the promotion expenses required.

Simply not true. There IS money out there, a LOT of it, especially for legitimate expenses and sound investments. Your buyers included. And if everyone thought that way, to cut cut cut all the time, no one would ever spend a dime, even for necessities or a legitimate investment they could easily justify by the lucrative return earnings it brings.

And indeed, right there is the essence of the economic crisis. No promo, no return. It's a vicious circle.

We don't subscribe to that way of thinking. We instead believe the contrary that if each and every one of us keep consistent promotion ongoing, then the pennies—indeed, the dollars—will make themselves. Because others need what you provide, and so on throughout the world.

Further, it requires a little faith; There's not always direct response to promo. So sometimes you just don't know from where you gain an increase of revenue, or what promo really did well. It's puzzling when direct response doesn't seem to be connected to your specific promotional actions. HOWEVER, although no one called in response to the new advertisement, suddenly things picked up. Magic, right? 

No, just consistent promotion.

There are a few things we do know though; You WILL INCREASE REVENUE with good quality VIDEOS and a decent website.

Want stats? There's an abundance. Did you know that just in the past year, 40% of buyers turned to YouTube to learn more about a product (or service) before they bought it? That 90% of buyers say that product videos are helpful in the decision process? That including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%? That after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product? That 67% of marketers found video marketing successful? And that on average, buyers will visit your website up to 7 times before they contact you to buy?
That's the facts. Just a few.

So when you find yourself thinking this way, no, certainly don't needlessly waste money and time and resources... But never cease promotional efforts (and today that means VIDEO), as that's what keeps the economic world in motion.

We're here to help. You need a hand?

You can Quote Me...

“Communication of Ideas is the Problem. Graphic Design is the Solution to the problem of Visual Communication. As is Sound and Music to Audible Communication. Art is the Solution to Communicating it well.”
—Christian Peritore

What is Graphic Design?

The term "graphic design" means to write or express a concept by "writing" VISUALLY (drawing, painting, etc.), according to a plan, organization or structure of elements in a work of art; composition, diagram, chart, etc., etc., etc.

As opposed to written word spoken word, or other forms of communication, graphics have shape, size, color, etc., that can be SEEN VISUALLY.

Graphic design is a skill and art form where the designer creates visual content to communicate concepts and/or messages (YOUR concept/message in this case).

Graphic Designers use shapes, colors, typography, imagery and photos/pictures, with the use of page layout techniques and visual hierarchy, to convey ideas, concepts and communicate a message. Ideally graphic design should be usable, impactful, meaningful and pleasurable.

What goes Into Good Graphic Design?

So what DOES go into graphic design? Is it just making things look pretty?

When we research and approach a new project, we're asking the important questions:
What audience is the message for? What culture are they? What values and ideals to they hold? What idea, concept or message should be conveyed? What emotion should be conveyed? What imagery should be used? What photos should be used? What subject matter should be used? People? Faces? Objects? Places? What straight lines, curves, angles or criss-crossing lines/objects should be used? What shapes should be used? What patterns should be used? What sizes should be used? What hierarchy should be used? Why do colors have certain meanings associated with them (red=stop, anger or passion; green=go or growth or renewal; blue=trust or stability or purity, etc.) and how should I use them? What color palettes should be used? Primary colors? Secondary colors? Warm colors? Cool colors? Aggressive colors? Receding colors? Monochrome? Analogous? Acromatic? What hues? What tints? What shades? What tones should be used? What color gradients? What opacity? What saturation or intensity should be used? What textures should be used? Bright light? Soft light? Subdued light? Evening light? Candlelight? Colored light? Should things be moved left, right, up or down? Should things be close up, or distant? Should things be in sharp focus or blurred? What opacity should be used? Should some things touch other things, or partially cover other things? What POSITIONING should be used (positioning; something along side something else to create a visual association, or juxtaposition; the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect)? What symmetry and Balance should be used? How to display the flow of things? How much, if any, repetition should be used? The Golden Ratio? The Rule of Thirds? What Fonts and Typography should be used? Etc., etc.

And how to use ALL this to make things VISUALLY usable, impactful, meaningful and pleasurable?

Bad Design is Everywhere

Mistakes or malevolence? Poor education or laziness? Just no artistic talent? Or no quality control?

The inability to observe and SEE the obvious is a blindness indeed.

Hierarchy in Design and Information

I once spent 3 weeks on a project where the client INSISTED on "correcting" the hierarchy of the typography and graphics elements of his entire promo campaign to a point of complete destruction. He wanted certain words and elements bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger, and brighter and brighter, and more red and more yellow, and more bold, etc., etc., to a point where there was zero hierarchy and just one big mess on the page. Chunky minestrone soup spilling all over.

We ended up scrapping everything and starting over because I threatened to walk from the project contract unless he let me do a proper version to look at. Which of course with proper typography and graphic element hierarchy, he liked and kept it.

Lesson learned.

Bad Design Examples

Bad design is a poor use of, or outright violation of the basic principles of good design (outlined herein). Beyond a misspelled word (or a bad haircut in a photo), a casual look around reveals that our lives are surrounded with blunders, errors, faults, goofs, oversights, bungles, flubs, muffed ups, slip-ups, faux pas and truly dumb moves that are too evident to ignore. Bing, Verizon, Pepsi, KFC, Starbucks, AirBNB, Hillary Clinton, and that's just logos, let alone traffic signage, caution lights, and so much more. 

Examples are many. Yet we don’t push to rectify them. Why?

Because we aren’t the ones committing those mistakes? Because we're not in charge? Because the companies bearing those offensive graphic design uglinesses are too big to write to someone and let them know how you feel? Because the city and government offices are indeed staffed with minimum wage sloths on depressant drugs?

Perhaps. So why do they matter?

Bad Design Cost Time, Money, Resources, Safety and Well Being

They matter because they’re forcing us to expend more time on a deciphering the message than what should be required.

You doubt that statement? Ok, Let’s find out.

  • Ever notice the accidents and long lines of traffic jams start right at the confusing highway signs before a major exit? You curse the traffic jam, but have you ever pondered how it starts? It's not just the bad driver who doesn't drive well.

  • Airline Passenger Safety Procedures? Efficient safety procedure? Not if your life depended on it.

  • How about the building Fire Escape Plan? The fire is raging out of control, and you find yourself tilting your head reading the escape plan floor layout to figure out which way to run out of the building. 

  • Parking signs? Shouldn’t parking signs be readable at a glance? Parking signs are not at all designed to be read at a glance. Instead parking signs are more like the fine print at the bottom of an advertisement— they require intense focus, and people get parking tickets all day. It's not just driver neglect.

  • How about your airline boarding pass. Have you noticed the poor layout? Most normal users find the essential numbers terribly hard to locate. Sure, attendants will guide you in the right direction, and your problem is solved. 
  • Ever tried reading the assembly instructions on IKEA furniture? That's a project.

  • Clock has 12 numbers? Dare I hold as an example the simple Clock face that society has used for thousands of years? ...9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2, 3... Try to teach a young kid how to read a clock face... "the small hand is this, and the big hand is that." There's still many adults that can't read time. The Babylonians divided the day and night each into 12 hours. Living in a mid-latitude and not yet needing the accuracy of a train time table, a twelve hour day was sufficient. They then chose to divide each hour into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds. 

I’m sure you’ve experienced the torture of mistakenly misunderstanding so many graphic design blunders in our world, and those few seconds of severe frustration till you realize the mistake! You quickly realize your mistake, correct it, lesson learned and move on with your life. But at the very least you're left disgruntled, for sure.

Your Customers and Clients / Your Revenue

Now the above examples may not have been as obvious at the time, but imagine YOUR clients and customers and new prospects trying to decipher your promo for the the answers they seek.

What is it? What does it do? How much it is? How do I get it?

They struggle. They get frustrated. They give up. They move on... to your COMPETITION! 

Why not hire a good graphic designer?

Perhaps we're being too dramatic? But let me ask you this; If mistakes are to be learned from, why not hire a good graphic designer? 

Bad design is all around us and in fact, more visible than good design. As human beings, when we are exposed to good design, very rarely do we stop to absorb the full weight of it. That is because good design is so seamless, so invisible that its presence is only felt, not realized.

Bad design, on the other hand, is screaming at you, demanding to be noticed, costing you time, customers and revenue.

If you have to search and hunt for details on how to use a simple product, know that its GRAPHIC DESIGN materials have failed in their function and purpose to VISUALLY EXPLAIN the instructions. The message. Any concept.

As a business person, it is vital to recognize and prevent your promo and materials from bad design. Because how else will you build a better future for your business if you don’t first remedy the present bad graphic design?

And I promise you, once you’ve had a taste of good design, you’re never tempted to go back to bad design just to save money.

We feel Word-of-mouth referrals should be compensated.

Know anyone who could use our help?
We want to show our appreciation.

Referral Partner

  • Earn 10% Commission of the revenue collected as received (or as arranged).
  • Refer new clients directly to us.
  • We will work with client directly (start to finish, incl. Content, etc.).


  • Earn unlimited revenue using us as your resource.
  • We work directly for you, the Reseller (only).
  • You pay only our cost.
  • Resell our services and add any markup you desire.
  • Discounted prices as arranged (please inquire).
  • Reseller pays us (not the end client).

Strategic Partner

(Strategic Alliance / Bundle Partner)

  • We work together to offer Clients more than they could get separately.
  • Ideal for discounted repetitive volume quantity, pre-set content/layouts, and specialized marketing applications.
  • Discounted prices as arranged (please inquire).
  • You pay only our cost (cost as arranged to Partner) – Partner resells bundled package (with any markup).
  • We work directly for the client, or directly for the Partner (as arranged).
  • We are paid by Client or Partner (as arranged).



Referral Programs FAQ

  1. How do I refer a client to Endless Graphics?
    Simply call us, or visit our Contact page and use the handy form to let us know who might be interested in our services. You may also give your referral our number or the link to our Contact page (, and we’ll contact them right away.

  2. When do I receive my referral commission?
    Immediately upon our collecting the new client’s payment*.

  3. *How much do I earn on a referral?
    You generally earn a 10% commission on the total amount of the project. However, project structures vary, both in terms of payment arrangement, and project cost and profit margin. Therefore we simply calculate the appropriate commission percentage for the given project, and pay that commission from the payment that is collected when the new client registers for their project or each sub-phase therein. This could be first phase payment and then second phase payment, or this could be first deposit money collected on a package requiring a deposit to start. We do not pay commissions on smaller monthly or recurring payments for projects structured in this way.

  4. How do I receive my referral commission payment?
    As you prefer. We can use any payment resource you might have such as PayPal or other online merchant account payment page, or pay in cash or issue check sent via snail-mail. Just let us know in advance if you have a preference.

  5. How are referred clients tracked?
    Easy for you, the referrer, no complicated codes or affiliate links are necessary. We simply always ask and make record of whom the referral came from. Also, when a new client registers for a new project, a standard information for is filled out providing us with essential information for the account, the project, and from whom the client was referred. Once a new project deposit is paid, our accounting then immediately pays out the appropriate referral commission.

  6. Does the price vary for Referral/Reseller? Can I mark up your prices?
    Yes, as arranged. You can refer to us, or resell us. And yes, you can mark up our prices, as referral or reseller. Although we charge standardized prices ("retail") to be fair and ethical, and pay all referral commissions based on prices actually charged and received, prices may be discounted based on our referral/marketing working relationship. However, because of established procedures and obvious legal liability (and other points covered in our Terms & Conditions), we work directly for the client or directly for you (referral/reseller) and is covered in detailed contract for that project and/or overall working relationship.