Let's see it in 3D!!

Anything can be modeled and animated in 3D. That's today's awesome graphic medium. And powerful it is.

Architecture, landscape planning, city planning, product design, machinery, science, engineering, interactive multimedia, education/learning, medicine and medical uses, physics, gaming and action simulation, even film story boarding. Most movies are done with the actors working in front of green screen or blue screen, and the epic scene is composited in 3D after. Production vs Post-Production. While we're not in the multi-million dollar film studio industry, still, there's so much that the small business owner and individual can utilize from this approach.

Even just recently we couldn't get the client in his country to photograph the product we needed for the video. So we recreated the product in 3D, animated it, and the final video was far better than if we had filmed it on location. Another client wanted us to model a golf cart. And that's merely a couple of the limitless examples.